Poker Survival Tools Provided by The Poker Hero

Poker Survival Tools Provided by The Poker Hero

Poker is a performance discipline. The principles that work in basketball, boxing, and chess also work in Poker. Yet, more and more formerly winning poker players are coming home empty handed. This is because Poker is changing so fast that ongoing success is no longer guaranteed to anyone.

The Poker Hero, a new book by Florian Roßner, aims to provide readers with the tools to “survive, fight and succeed in the modern Poker world.”

We spoke to Florian to get more information about his new poker book.

Q: Can you tell us what The Poker Hero is all about?

Florian: This book is not about specific Poker strategies but about learning, growing and developing as a Poker player as well as a human being. It’s about replacing randomness with will and intention.

The book is roughly divided into three parts. In the first part, it explains why some are so good at what they do – either in athletics, chess, business, trading or Poker. In the second part, it shows how we can use these universal principles to boost our own Poker performance. In the third part, the book examines psychological obstacles that may prevent us from constantly playing at our best.

Q: Who should read the book = beginner poker players or experienced poker players?

Florian: I think everyone profits from the book, because it outlines what’s critical for success as a beginner poker player or as an experienced player. While a beginner poker player may especially profit from the how-to-structure your Poker training section, he may also find useful tips in the psychology section. And while an experienced player may find the psychology section most helpful, the book may also help him to rethink his approach to Poker in general.

Q: Is the book geared for online poker players as well as players who play poker in casinos?

Florian: It’s for both because it provides the knowledge and tools to dramatically increase your performance either online or offlin

Q: What skills are needed to become a successful poker player?

Florian: Today, as the Poker world is very competitive, more than ever you need to know how to train, learn and adapt most efficiently. Static strategies are no longer working. An edge in Poker these days comes from structuring your whole Poker learning cycle in a way that increases your performance and knowledge in the shortest time possible. Sadly many don’t see the link between their Poker results and how they approach Poker in general. But this link is critical for success.

Q: Will new poker players become good poker players if they study starting hand charts and pot odds, or do they also need to read this book?

Florian: Starting hand charts and pod odds are important, but only if you understand the logic behind them. These things are too static to succeed in Poker.

Q: Is mastering the game of poker similar to becoming a good sports athlete?

Florian: Yes and no. Of course to become a good athlete you need different skills than a Poker player. But the path leading to success is the same. As in sports, it’s the time away from formal competition that decides how successful someone will be.

Q: What is your background? Are you a professional poker player?

Florian: Yes, I was a professional Poker player. I’m currently writing my Ph.D in Philosophy. I wrote this book because I always felt that successful Poker players have some common traits and I wanted to explore what these are.

Q: What’s next for you?

Florian: Our second child was born a month ago. So I guess sleepless nights are next